TMS Therapy Near Me in Tampa

TMS Therapy Near Me

TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) is a type of depression
treatment that delivers magnetic pulses to the brain to stimulate the
area of the brain that is responsible for improving moods and easing
depression symptoms. The treatment is non-invasive, and an
electromagnetic coil is placed against your scalp. The procedure is
undergone when a patient hasn’t responded to other depression treatments
that involve medication and talk therapy.

What to expect in TMS Therapy

Before Treatment: Before you begin your treatment,
your doctor will request two types of analyses. First, your doctor will
require lab tests to be performed to evaluate your physical condition.
Secondly, your doctor will evaluate your depression level to determine
if the procedure is required, or if medication might be a better option
for you. If your doctor recommends TMS, your appointment is then

Your First Appointment: In your first appointment
your doctor will make sure you are sitting comfortably and will then
give you earplugs to wear. Once you are settled, an electromagnetic coil
is placed against your head. The coil will be set on and off repeatedly
to create magnetic pulses that stimulate your brain. These pulses target
the area that controls your mood. You will hear clicking sounds using
your earplugs. You may also feel some tapping on your forehead. During
your first appointment, your doctor determines the amount of magnetic
energy needed to stimulate your nerve cells.

Your Subsequent Appointments: During your subsequent
appointments, your sessions will take less time, probably 40 minutes to
complete the session. You will still hear the clicking sounds and feel
the tapping on your forehead.

After Each Appointment: After every appointment, you
can expect to feel quite normal. You can drive and work as you normally
do. If there are any side effects, inform your doctor.

After Treatment: After you complete all your
sessions, your depression symptoms are expected to drastically reduce or
even completely go away. Treatment takes about 6 weeks if your
appointments are scheduled at least 5 times a week or preferably

We advise our patients to create long-term healthy habits such as
adequate sleep and eating healthy. We can help you fight stubborn
depression, talk with us.