Alternate Depression Treatment with TMS in Tampa

Alternative Depression Treatment with TMS

An “alternative treatment” is one that has not been listed in the
mainstream medical curriculum. TMS was initially just an alternative
treatment for depression, however, it has gained popularity over time
and has become increasingly depended on to treat patients with severe
depression. TMS is approved by FDA.

Why go for alternative depression treatment with

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a depression treatment
that gives back hope to patients who have battled depression without
success. Depression affects a lot of people, some of whom are lucky to
find healing through antidepressants still others get better after
psychotherapy. Yet for others, the struggle seems endless. For these
people, TMS provides an alternative depression treatment.

How alternative depression treatment with TMS

If you are a patient diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder (MDD),
TMS treatment can help you. The treatment does not involve surgery but
it stimulates your brain.

TMS depression treatment uses an electromagnetic coil. During
treatment, the coil will be placed against your scalp. It is then turned
on and off to release magnetic pulses that stimulate your brain. The
procedure awakens inactive nerve cells in your brain to improve your

Treatment is not completed in one day, you will be required to go
through several consecutive sessions 5 times a week for 6 to 8

You can travel to and from the clinic for your sessions without any
problem. No anesthesia is administered during treatment. No major risks
are involved in the procedure. No major side effects are reported after
the procedure except mild headache and scalp discomfort. It doesn’t
cause brain seizures except in rare cases where the patient has a metal
implant in their body and did not inform the doctor. Its simpliTampa
makes the treatment acceptable to many patients.

Get help

If would like to try alternative depression treatment with TMS after
the failure of previous treatments, schedule an appointment at our
clinic. Our experts will evaluate your case and determine the next
course of action.